To all members:

After careful consideration of the safety measures we have in place, we are reverting to our usual booking-in procedure at the hut from this Friday – July 10th.
Using our standard booking sheets is the most efficient way for us to monitor arrivals and departures, and bio-security.
As with boat fishing, it is up to you, our members, to ensure you follow our disinfection rules. You should use hand sanitiser before and after filling in details in the hut, both on arrival and departure. Hand sanitiser is kept in the hut, but we recommend that you keep your own supply in your car too. And use your own pens.
We still recommend you spend as little time in the hut as possible, so weighing and measuring of fish remains prohibited
The last day for using booking in slips is Thursday July 9th. From the 10th, everyone must book in at the hut.

Neil Hacking