We are now able to resume boat fishing on the East lake, thanks to an increase in the water level. 5 boats are now at their moorings, ready for use.
Covid 19 restrictions remain in place, so the same rules apply as on the West:
Disinfection: Oars and boat interiors must be disinfected before and after use. The spray equipment is located next to the oars cabinets. This is for your, and other members’ protection, and must be carried out. Instructions on how to refill the sprays are posted in the Clubhouse window and the Booking Hut.
2 people per boat : A maximum of 2 people can use a boat at one time, to ensure social distancing.

It’s good to report that the fish are not social distancing. Catches in both lakes have been excellent. Although we are not recording accurate weights and lengths, this season’s stockings have included a significant proportion of above average size rainbows and browns, and there are more to come.
Catch figures for the last few days of the month have yet to be collated, but the July total is heading for around 3,000 fish caught, with an average bag of 4.5 fish. In June, more than 3,600 fish were caught, giving a bag average of just over 5 fish.
Please remember to observe the catch restrictions at the East and West runners. We have received complaints from members that some anglers are ignoring them.
After catching 3 fish, whether killed or returned, you must move on to allow other members access.
Yes, the runners are hotspots, but stocks are well distributed throughout both lakes.
The excellent brush clearance work carried out by our contractors has ensured unobstructed access to the banks. After our delayed start, it would be nice to think that the weather is kind to us and allows the top-class fishing to continue to the end of November.

Neil Hacking