Update June 8


To all Members:

From Tuesday June 9th, members are free to fish on any day of the week, the alphabetical rota will no longer apply. Members will also be able to have fishing and non-fishing guests at Hallington from now on – please ensure that you complete a separate booking in slip for your guest who is fishing and state that they are ‘Guest of ……..’ providing your membership number.
However, all other Covid 19 rules and precautions remain in place, and must be strictly adhered to, as detailed in previous communications.
In particular, please ensure your booking-in slips and car badges are clearly visible, and maintain social distancing.
When parking, help us to maximise the space available. Park as close to the next vehicle as possible but make sure all entry/exit routes are kept clear.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation in these difficult times, we look forward to seeing you.

Neil Hacking