Fishery Consultant’s report for August 2019

Following a wonderful July we had two more good weeks, and then the weather took a serious turn for the worse. In 36 hours 5.5 in of rain fell, the water level in East Hallington increased by some 8 ft, to within 10” from overflowing. High water levels meant that boat use had to be halted on East Hallington because of the health and safety problems with the launching system and water height. The lake was so high that bank fishing also became difficult. West Hallington stayed fishable throughout the month and fished well with 1099 trout caught. The returns for the month show that at 484 angler visits 1533 trout were caught, 1099 from West Hallington and 434 from East. The fish taken had an average weight of 2 lb 9 oz..The largest taken were a 6 lb rainbow from West and blue trout of 4 lb 8oz and a 6lb brown from East.
The water level in East has now started falling, allowing boat fishing to start again. On 1ST September 12 anglers caught 62 trout.
Floating lines with small black flies and small brown hoppers are doing best on West. Small bead heads are fishing best on East along with Damsel nymphs. Invicta and Sedge imitations are still taking fish in the evenings. Pumping into Hallington from the river has stopped, so water levels should drop, given no more severe rain.
Prospects and flies
There are still numbers of damsels appearing on both lakes and a good imitation should be well worth trying. Daddies are on the water on most afternoons. Permission has been given for us to fish in the month of November This will be the first time that Hallington has ever been fished in November we are awaiting the results with interest.

Members fish catches 5th September 2019