Fishery Consultant’s report for July 2019

The fish returns for July show the highest daily catch rates for 4 years and the second best July we have ever had. The 20th of July was the best July day ever. The average daily catch stayed comfortably above 3.5 trout per angler per day for the whole month. The returns for the month show that at 631 angler visits, 2248 trout were caught. The fish taken had an average weight of 2 lb 9 oz. 1209 trout were caught from East Hallington and 1039 from West. The largest taken were a 6 lb 8 oz brown trout from West and a 7lb 8 oz rainbow from East.
Strangely the lake levels continued to rise throughout the month and West rose by 6” and East by over 2 ft. The best fishing seemed to be in the late morning and early afternoon, where floating lines with small black flies and small brown hoppers fished best. Damsel nymphs did well on West, while small fish imitations took trout in the margins on East where there was weed. Invicta and Sedge imitations fished well in the evenings on both lakes. Water is being pumped in from the river Tyne into both lakes so the levels should stay well up for the foreseeable future.
Prospects and flies
There are now large numbers of damsels appearing on both lakes and a good imitation should be well worth trying. Ever increasing numbers of both Sedges and Daddies are on in the late afternoon and evening, dry fly should really come into its own over the next three weeks.

Members fish catches 31 july 2019