Fishery Consultant’s report for May 2019

The returns for the month show that at 680 angler visits 3215 trout were caught, with an average weight for the fish taken of 2 lb 8 oz. This catch rate of 4.73 trout per angler visit in May is the highest ever taken at Hallington, and is also the highest ever recorded average weight. 23 brown trout were taken including 10 of over 5 lb, the heaviest weighing 6 lb 3 oz. 85 rainbows of over 20 inches were taken, heaviest 6 lb. Many more large trout were returned. With both lakes fishing well the East has been the better of the two, despite a certain reluctance by members to walk the half mile to fish the highly productive east bank.
The water levels on West are down by 7 ft and stand at 29ft. The East remains at 29ft; both lakes are continueing to fall very slowly. The trout are very close to the lake edges where floating lines and small flies are fishing best. Hawthorns, Black Gnats, Black midge and Alder Flies are hatching and Perch pin-fry giving great sport on the surface near the weed beds and all the areas where grass and other plants are in the water. Boat fishing over the drowned island on West Hallington is giving good results as the area is thick with pin-fry. Sinfoil’s fry, Dawson’s and Montana are proving the best flies for the fry feeders.
Given further good weather the prospects look excellent. Bank anglers may find that a sinking line may be a better choice to take the fry feeders.

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Catches to June 4