Report for September 2018


The returns for September show a fish catch of 1809 trout for 631 angler visits, an average of 2.87 per angler visit. The average weight was 2 lb 3 oz. from the East Reservoir and 2 lb 2 oz from the West. The largest trout from West Hallington was a brown trout of 9 lb 1oz. The largest trout from East Hallington was also a brown trout and it weighed 7 lb 0 oz.
Large amounts of water are still being run through the lakes from the river Tyne, and from other northern reservoirs.
The lakes fished well in September and they maintained an excellent rod average of just over 2.8. The winds have been predominantly light for almost the whole month and this has helped the fishing. The evening sedge hatch is continuing and there are good numbers of longlegs on the water during the day.

October 1st to 5th

The returns for the 1st four days in October, which were very windy, show a fish catch of 104 trout for 94 angler visits, an average of 1.08 per angler visit. The average weight was 36 oz. from the East Reservoir and 33 oz from the West. Small dries were the best method.

Fish catches

With less than a month to go until the end of the season, fish stocks in both lakes remain good. Members are reminded that catch limits have been increased in an effort to reduce fish numbers. Once the season finishes, remaining fish are effectively written off. We have no way of knowing how many will be taken by predators (cormorants and otters) and how many of the rest will survive the winter. So, if you or your friends enjoy eating your catch, please take advantage of the temporary limits:

Daily catch limit 24.
Daily keep limit 12.
Annual limits suspended.