Catherine Middleton

Report for August 2018

Hallington has continued to fish through August with the highest average fish return of the season at 4.58 fish per rod day. This is also the highest ever August daily catch. The average daily catch stayed comfortably above 4 trout per angler day for the whole month. The returns for the month show that at 495 angler visits 2269 trout were caught. The fish taken had an average weight of 2 lb 7 oz. 878 trout were taken from East Hallington and 1391 from West. The largest taken were 7 lb 8 oz from West and 5 lb 1 oz from East. The lake levels have continued to rise. West has come up 2 ft and East has risen by 4 ft. With the cooler weather the fish are spreading out across the lakes and back into the shallower water. Members fishing in these areas are taking good bags of trout.
Late morning through to mid afternoon is currently producing a hatch of Blae and Black as well as numbers of daddies, and the dry fly fishing is really good. Floating lines with small black flies and small brown hoppers are best at this time. Damsel nymphs and small fish imitations are taking fish where there is weed in the margins. Invicta and Sedge imitations are fishing well in the evenings. Water will continue to be pumped in from the river Tyne for the foreseeable future so the levels should stay static.

A number of the tagged fish introduced into the lakes as part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations have been caught. But a significant number are still in the lakes – somewhere. Keep an eye out for the small yellow tags behind the dorsal fin – they could win you some nice prizes.

Catches to 28 August