Report for July 2018

July was the warmest and driest July month since 1976. Despite this Hallington has fished magnificently and the average daily catch has stayed comfortably above 4 trout per angler visit. The returns for the month show that at 451 angler visits 1852 trout were caught, a catch rate of 4.1 trout per visit. The fish taken had an average weight of 2 lb 6 oz. Some excellent browns were caught, including a fish that weighed just over 5 lb 13 oz. Weighing nets now allow these large browns to be released with their weights recorded. The largest rainbow weighed 6lb 5 oz.

The lake levels have stopped falling. West has come up 2 ft and East has risen by 1 ft. Mornings are fishing best at the moment. Members fishing in the areas where water is being pumped in from the river North Tyne, Kielder Reservoir and Catcleugh Reservoir are taking trout with most types of flies and with both sinking and floating lines. Catches from the East lake runner, which were good in June have remained consistently good throughout July. Floating lines with small black flies and hoppers are still best in this area. Damsel nymphs and small fish imitations, as well as various sedge flies, particularly Invicta and Walker’s Sedge are fishing well on the rest of the water in the evenings. Water will be pumped in from the River Tyne for the foreseeable future, so the levels should stay static.