Report for May 2018

The returns for May show that during 567 angler visits 2540 trout were caught, an average of 4.42 per angler visit with an average weight of 2 lb 5 oz. Best brown taken was a fish of 4 lb 8 oz from East. Best brown returned was a fish measured at 30” long and estimated to be in excess of 10 lb. Best rainbow taken 4 lb 8oz. Both lakes are now fishing well and are at a perfect height for bank fishing, which has been excellent over the last two weeks in May, with an average of over six fish per angler. The fish catch is increasing as more Anglers fish. The lakes will be restocked on both 5th June and 12th June. Water levels on West are down by 12 ft and now stand at 22ft. The East stands at -15 ft both lakes continue to fall. The trout have been very close to the lake edges especially on the East Lake. Floating lines and small black flies have been best, Hawthorns, Black Gnats, Black midge and Alder Flies have all been on the water at the same time, Mayfly and lake olives are also starting to hatch and are giving great sport on the surface.
Boats are doing well on the south bank of west and over the island on West Hallington, which will surface soon with the falling water level.

Prospects and Flies

Fly hatches are picking up in the evenings. Anglers are beginning to take some good fish later in the day. Anglers will be looking forward to more good evening fishing in June.