The water levels in both East and West lakes continue to be very high although neither of the lakes are running over the spillways. As a result of the high water levels:

• The bank fishing on both lakes continues to be severely restricted.

• Only two boats are available for use on each lake.

• All of the fish stocked in March were put into the West lake.

• The stockings scheduled for early April were deferred. The stocking scheduled for 17 April will go ahead and a notice will be displayed in the booking in hut to advise members which lake(s) the fish have been stocked.

Due to the adverse weather conditions many fewer visits have been made to Hallington and there are still plenty of fish, particularly in the West lake, for anglers to catch.

Please be particularly careful when fishing the lakes and read the Health and Safety Notices which are posted in the Clubhouse before you start fishing.

The Fishery Manager’s mobile telephone number is on the front of your membership card. Please contact him if you want an update about the fishing conditions at Hallington.

Further notices will be posted to keep you up to date.