Report for April 2018

Fishery report for April 2018

This has to go down as one of the coldest springs for many years, it is also the wettest. On the opening day both lakes were overflowing and have stayed that way on and off for the majority of the month. On the opening day 19 anglers caught 47 trout. Over the next ten days the weather was awful, over 2”of rain fell and strong and very cold westerly winds made fishing difficult. Only 149 trout were caught by 98 anglers. It has continued cold for the whole of April and with little change in the weather or the water level the fishing has remained challenging. By the end of April 291 anglers had caught 674 trout with an average size of 37.oz. The largest trout caught was a brown of some 12 lb and several more browns over six pounds were also returned. The largest rainbow taken was 6 lb.

Towards the end of the month the East Lake fell by 6ft and is now well fishable from the bank the West Lake remains full although it is now falling slowly. All the boats are available on the East Lake while on West only two boats are on the water because of the high levels.

Despite the high water levels and cold weather most of the fish caught have been taken on floating lines or light intermediate lines .Small lures have done best with small Dawson’s best of all fished just sub surface. The north bank of the East is fishing well at the moment along with the west wall of the West.

May always produces some wonderful fishing; it is the month of Hawthorne flies and Pinhead fry. This gives excellent fishing to both dry fly anglers and lure anglers.