Coaching at Hallington 2023 New Members

The Club is offering free coaching sessions to new members to help ensure your first season at Hallington gets off to the best possible start.

Each 2.5 hour session will be led by our highly qualified club lead coach Barry Mitchell – Game Angling Instructors Association (GAIA) and Fly Fishers International (FFI)
Each angler will receive supervision and guiding from Barry as follows –
To improve casting,
To improve fishing techniques
Choice of fly pattern
Etiquette at Hallington.
Individual requests.
Fishing with barbless hooks for approx 1.5 hours (fish caught will be recorded as part of each angler’s season limits).

The coaching is open to a maximum of three anglers per session, on a ‘first come/served’ basis. Please choose from only one of the two sessions below.

Thursday April 13th (10am – 12.30pm)
Thursday April 20th (2pm – 4.30pm)

To book: please contact our office manager Jackie Willshire on and/or 01434 681405.