Catch and release

  • Use only barbless hooks
  • Use hooks no bigger than size 10 long shank
  • Use leaders strong enough to land the fish quickly
  • Leave the fish in the net in the water whilst unhooking it or, if fishing from a boat, in the net on the unhooking mat whilst unhooking it
  • Wet the hands before handling the fish
  • Remove the hook using forceps if necessary
  • Kill the fish if it is bleeding or damaged in any way
  • If the fish is exhausted, keep it in the net, in the water, and steady it in its natural position before allowing it to swim off
  • Do not use flies that fish tend to swallow e.g. Boobies
  • Do not weigh the fish
  • Do not measure the fish
  • Do not continue to practice Catch & Release if you have killed your limit as you will be unable to kill any damaged fish without breaching your Catch & Kill limit

RESPECT FOR THE FISH IS PARAMOUNT. Catch & Release will be monitored to ensure that Good Practice is followed. Catch & Release fishing may be suspended during and immediately after any periods of high water temperature…