Westwater Fly Fishing Club provides a special environment, quiet, peaceful, and tranquil, where fishing can be enjoyed at its very best, in the heart of some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK. It also brings together people from all walks of life that may otherwise never meet. Tips are exchanged, friendships are formed, as often happens when people with similar interests and values get together. However, the key to all that, and a great day out for us all, is the knowledge and respect of a few simple rules


Things to bring

essential for a perfect day's fishing

We have a kitchen stocked with tea, coffee, etc – plus microwave oven and fridge. You may like to bring a hot drink, if the weather is cold, or a cold one if it’s hot, and some food to sustain you while you spend a few hours on the water. You can of course take a break, eat, drink and rest, and chat in our lounge.

The weather in Northumberland can change during the course of a day or evening; be prepared and bring along appropriate weatherproof clothing, and sun cream if you are out on the water on a bright day.

It is always advisable to wear sunglasses or other eye protection while casting – particularly in windy conditions.

Fairly standard bank fly fishing and boat fly fishing tackle is required, much of it down to personal preferences.

With catch & release it is essential that the fish are released back into the water in the best possible condition. The catch & release practice, which members are expected to follow, is detailed in the following link Catch & Release.

At Hallington you should bring your own net which should be large enough to cope with the large trout you will probably land each year. Fish must be netted – not beached. At each visit, you must disinfect your net in the tub where you sign in to prevent the spread of infections or parasites from one water to another.

Wading is permitted on most banks and walled areas at Hallington, and you may wear chest waders if you choose. However, you may not wade deeper than you would be able to, if you were wearing thigh waders.

Please come prepared with a decent priest. A quick despatch is essential. Using a rock is not acceptable.


for fellow members

We are surrounded by livestock, squirrels, ducks, etc., so it is important we keep the access roads, car parks, wooded areas, and reservoir banks clean and tranquil for the sake of the wild life, and for the benefit of all our members.

Please be considerate with your mobile phone, nothing ruins other people’s fishing more than an intrusive ring tone followed by a shouted conversation.


things required of you

The health, safety and enjoyment of our anglers is of paramount importance to us. We do not wish to burden you with “regulations”, but here are some points which
must be adhered to:

Whilst using a boat, all occupants of that boat must wear an approved life preserver, or life jacket worn as the outermost item of clothing. If you forget your life jacket don’t use a boat.

The health of our fish is very important to us. We are mindful of the bacterial, viral, and other infections and pests which may be introduced from other waters.

Before fishing you must disinfect your net and your reusable bass bag in the tub, where you sign in, to prevent the spread of infections or parasites from one water to another.

Wading is restricted in certain areas, for practical safety reasons, steep banks, soft mud etc. Do not wade in these areas. Check the map and pay attention to our no-wading signs

As we are a fly only club, please do not bring spinning or worming gear to Westwater, or “flies” which are not permitted.

Always take your litter home – particularly monofilament line which can harm our resident birdlife.


and by the way

Please be careful where and how you park your car, and where you leave your rods!

Please don’t crowd a fellow angler, there is plenty of space.

Please click here to download a copy of the current Rules and Information(PDF): Rules 2023