Fly tying classes at Hallington May & June 2023

There’s no doubt that catching fish on flies you have tied – or even designed – yourself adds something special to your fishing experience.

We are offering two courses, led by Phil Bilbrough a WFFC member and Chairman of the Northumbria branch of the Fly Dresser’s Guild.

For beginners:

The date: Sunday May 14th, 2pm – 4pm (min 2 and a max of 6 people)
To include –
Vices – pedestal and clamp types, rotary, screw and lever types.
Hooks – choosing the right one for the job.
Tools – scissors, hackle pliers, dubbing needle, whip finisher, bobbin holder, bobbin threader, half-hitch etc.
Threads – silk, polyester, gel-spun polyethylene.
Materials – feathers, fur, synthetics etc.

For improvers:

The date: Sunday June 4th, 2pm – 4pm (min 2 and a max of 6 people)
A session designed to improve your fly dressing skills by demonstrating some advanced tips and techniques while tying some useful flies.
To include –
Use of rotary vice for hackling, winding bodies etc.
Reinforcing bodies and hackles.
Use of gallows tool for parachute and paraloop hackles.
Tool-less finishing, floss tags, taming seal’s fur, dubbing loops, easy hackle
guards, easy booby eyes, hair stacking, north country spiders etc.

To make your booking please visit our website and/or please contact our Office Manager Jackie Willshire on and/or 01434 681405.