The All New Hallington Booking In System

Our new computerised bookings system comes into operation in June. This is a considerable improvement on our old paper system. It will be invaluable for Jackie in helping her compile catch statistics, as well as giving us a much more detailed overview of how the fishery is performing.
You will need to enter the same information as on the old paper sheets. But in addition you will have access to detailed weather forecasts, a summary of the last 5 days’ catches, and a Lost Property section. Use the attached link to view a video about all the features of our new system, and how to use them.
Easy to understand instructions on how to book in and out will be displayed next to the terminal, which is sited on your right as you enter the Clubhouse. The facilities for measuring and weighing your catch will remain in the old bookings hut, along with the disinfectant you must use before every fishing session.